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Mark V. Connolly offers clients aggressive representation balanced with results-oriented case management and personalized attention. His educational, legal and business background provides a practical understanding of business considerations in litigation decisions.

Mr. Connolly is able to litigate cases in San Joaquin County for a fraction of the cost charged by out-of-town attorneys given his proximity to the San Joaquin Courts. He can associate as local counsel with attorneys outside San Joaquin County to decrease the cost of litigation to the client. Mr. Connolly also receives referrals from attorneys who specialize in will and trust drafting and administration, but seek to associate litigation counsel when a contest or dispute occurs

Mark V. Connolly represents plaintiffs and defendants in Civil Litigation including:

  • Individuals, including badly injured persons and the family members of badly injured or deceased persons
  • Corporations and other business entities in litigation
  • Owners, investors and developers of residential, retail, industrial, and commercial real estate in litigation matters
  • Tenants and landlords in commercial, industrial, and retail lease litigation
  • Brokers in disputes regarding commissions and broker liability issues
  • Farmers in lease, property, crop, easement and other matters
  • Ranchers, concerning easement, livestock, and other matters
  • Heirs, family members and corporate fiduciaries in will and trust contests, will and trust construction proceedings, suits for removal or substitution of fiduciaries and contested accounting as part of the estate settlement and trust administration process, probate of wills, qualification of fiduciaries, inventories and accountings
  • Public interest groups, including local citizens groups litigating initiative and land use issues

Civil Litigation

In civil litigation cases Mr. Connolly develops strategies, guidelines and operating budgets with the client. He controls all phases of discovery, prepares dispositive and pre-trial motions and supporting briefs, handles court appearances, coordinates with local counsel if associated, selects experts and tries the case. Mr. has the resources and expertise to manage civil litigation alone or as part of a cooperative venture with outside or corporate counsel. Whether a complex litigation case or a single defendant/single plaintiff case, Mr. Connolly has the comprehensive experience to manage all of its aspects.

Serious Bodily Injury/Death

The life-altering injury case, such as spinal cord, brain trauma, or wrongful death, occurs more frequently than we are aware. These cases present multi-million dollar risks and exposure beyond insurance policy limits creating the possibility of a significant financial setback for a client or their family.

Mr. Connolly works closely with his clients to review litigation plans as factual assumptions or liability assessments change. At critical stages, he reviews the progress of the case, what needs to be done to fully prepare for it, and its likely outcome. Mr. Connolly is results-oriented. This approach, together with his experience, makes a significant difference in the successful handling of serious injury or large exposure cases with risks that requires experienced case management.





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